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Student Ministries

General Information

Along with sound Biblical classroom teaching, FIRE offers students a wide range of ministry opportunities. These practical ministry experiences are designed to provide hands-on training, the opportunity to develop in confidence and ability to minister, and to encourage a heart of service and compassion for the lost. Students also learn to work and minister as a team. Outreaches are usually done in conjunction with FIRE Church The Netherlands, and other local ministries.


FSM EU Outreach Ministries

Children’s Ministry

Children’s Ministry provides opportunities to bless and minister to children in the FIRE community. Ministry times include Sunday Morning Children’s Church, Sunday Morning Nursery. Those who sign up may choose which ministry or ministries they would like to be involved in.

Evangelism Team

This team is designed to evangelize and minister on the streets of Rotterdam and surrounding cities. They use a variety of ministry styles such as: street preaching, prophetic evangelism, and relationship evangelism.

House of Prayer

The goal of this team is to raise up a prayer movement at FIRE. Students will be trained in various prayer styles as well as how to lead others in prayer.

Life Team

This ministry team’s target is the abortion clinic in Rotterdam where they minister on a weekly basis to mothers and families who are at the point of making life and death decisions concerning their unborn children. Students will participate in intercession, worship, evangelism, and discipleship.


Students will join the worship team of the church.