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“FIRE School of Ministry Europe has been an awesome experience in which the Lord really challenged me to become more like Him and to learn to trust Him for everything in daily life. The school has been a great place for digging deep in God’s Word and prayer. With a legacy of revival, it’s a unique school to be equipped for ministry.”

Johannes, Graduate

“I love being at the FIRE School of Ministry Europe. Coming to this school was the second best decision of my life! My expectations have been met and even exceeded! Since I have been here, not even one day has passed when I haven’t felt God’s presence. I am so blessed to be here, to learn from and to listen to anointed teachers, who are real men of God and who do not only teach Biblical truths but live it. It is a privilege to be equipped by them for life with knowledge and understanding out of their experience. I love that I am challenged to dig deeper into God’s love, to have intimacy with God, and to pray and worship God. I am called to be a front line solider for Jesus Christ and this is the place where I will be trained! FIRE is on fire!”

Ilze, Third Year Student

“I came from China. This is my very first time to study abroad. To study at FIRE School is quite amazing. We have wonderful teachers and friendly classmates. Before I came to FIRE School, I was feeling dry inside, but now I am filled with the Holy Spirit. To live in a new land and to study in another language is kind of challenging. However, I am learning to trust in God.”

Jonathan, First Year Student

“I am loving this school. I am only in but first year but already I notice the effect in my life. There is a closeness to the Lord and I am radical for Jesus in every way. The teachers are amazing. The teachings are not only to build me up with knowledge but also to build me up spiritually.”

Alex, Third Year Student

“FIRE School Europe has changed my life. I think that I see the biggest changes in my prayer life and my intimacy with God. I learned what holiness really is and experienced the love of the Father in this.

I learned how to pray and how to seek God by people that live this. That is what I love most about this school. The teachers pour not only their knowledge and teachings into us but also their experiences and their very lives. They all live what they teach; no empty words. This school challenges you in many ways to seek God and you will get to know Him through.”

Rick, Graduate


“I feel so blessed being one of the students of FIRE School of Ministry Europe. Being surrounded by Spirit-filled people and equipped by studies truly based on Scripture really sets me on fire!”

Annemiek, Third Year Student


”I am learning spiritual things at this school. What I like most is spiritual growth and coming closer to the heavenly Father.”

Roel, Graduate


“I love it here. Every day, I am challenged to give my everything for Jesus. I now already see that I have grown in focus and dedication.”

Tim, Third Year Student


“As a third year student at FIRE School of Ministry Europe, I can say that it has been a great adventure with God so far! God has challenged me to step out of my comfort zone, to grow in my faith and to spiritually walk on water. I would never have learned all of this, if I had not set this time apart.”

Kirtie, Graduate


“The intensity of Bible School helps me to create a habit of spending time with God daily.”

Margaretha, Third Year Student


“My time at FIRE School of Ministry Europe has been stirring, life changing and life building. Inspired teachers are pouring their life into me, which has brought me closer to God. Many of the teachers have experienced revival and have kept going strong in faith. They exemplify the saying, “you teach what you know, but you reproduce who you are.” Their lives bring me closer to My Great Shepherd, Jesus Christ. This is a unique time for godly charter to be formed in me. This school gives me a great spiritual and intellectual foundation. “

Daniel, Graduate