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Who we are

Are you a radically committed follower of Jesus who wants to be equipped to fulfill your destiny in God?

FIRE School of Ministry Europe (FSME) is a leadership training institute, birthed out of the fires of revival, which is called to equip authentic and devoted disciples of Jesus who have a burning desire to love, serve God and impact their world. Students are grounded in the Word of God, bathed in intimacy with Jesus, stretched in faith, immersed in the Spirit, and practically equipped for life and ministry.

Modern culture is in a serious crisis, the church at large is greatly compromised, and the needs of the world continue to be staggering. There is a critical need today for fully-equipped, solidly-grounded, specially-trained, radically-committed leaders to arise and FSME is the ideal place to be trained.

Now is the time to give your life to be a world changer, whether you are called to be a church planter, a college professor, a home-schooling mom, or a cultural prophet; whether your field is pastoral ministry, missions, music, politics or the marketplace; whether your burden is for the salvation of the lost, the healing of the sick, or the reformation of society, FSME is uniquely suited to equip you for effective kingdom service.


FIRE School of Ministry Europe

We believe God has called us to raise up disciples of Jesus throughout the world. This is the reason why we have founded FIRE School of Ministry Europe in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. As people are leaving the Church, we need to raise up a generation that will bring Europe back to her knees; we need a new reformation.


Program Overview

FIRE School of Ministry Europe is a three year leadership training institute.

First and Second Year

During their first two years at FSME, students will take four semesters of classes. They will be exposed to multiple settings that will assist in their leadership development including but not limited to the following dynamics:

  • Grow deep, deep roots into God’s awesome love for you.
  • Enter into a more intimate and mature walk with God.
  • Know the Word on a more advanced level.
  • Experience authentic, enduring relationships.
  • Receive practical tools to live and minister through the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit.
  • Be empowered to live a radical, holy life.
  • Build solid confidence in your identity as God’s child and a new creation.
  • Feel greater release into your calling and destiny.
  • Cultivate a radical prayer life.

After completion of the first two years, students earn an Associate in Practical Ministry degree.

Third Year

Students who enroll in our third year program participate in an internship. The internship program is an opportunity for students to acquire supervised practical ministry experience and, at the same time, to make a valuable contribution by serving in a ministry context. Interns will be connected with organizations or entities that have goals and values consistent with those of FIRE School of Ministry Europe.

Third year students will also be involved in a semester of classes, where they will be able to build on what they have learned during their first two years of school, and their internship.

FSME Students are able to specialize in the following areas during their tenure:

  • Biblical Studies
  • Worship/Music
  • Missions
  • 5-Fold Ministry


FSME Distinctives

  • Biblical Studies/Academics – We promote and encourage a strong academic culture that assists in developing students theologically, mentally and doctrinally.
  • Mentoring – We deliberately focus on the personal mentoring of every student here at FSME. Each student is placed in small group settings with seasoned leaders who they spend time with on a weekly basis in order that through relationship, effective mentoring can and will occur.
  • Practical Ministry Experience – Every student is involved in actual ministry settings during their tenure at FSME. From outreach evangelism, to travel teams, to domestic and international mission’s trips, to children’s/youth ministry, to the house of prayer, etc., all students will experience multiple opportunities to engage in various ministry settings as their giftings are developed.